2014 Triumph Thruxton: Review



It has attractive retro styling that recreates the 1960s cafe racer look. We swing a leg over the Triumph Thruxton; a bike more you ride, the more you like it

2014 Triumph Thruxton

I thumb the starter and the motorcycle comes to life with no hesitation and settles into a nice murmuring idle and warm exhaust note.

I take it out on to the main road and am almost immediately hit with reality – this isn’t the ‘60s and rush hour bumper to bumper traffic isn’t something you’d enjoy on the Thruxton. Crawling through first gear stop-go traffic is difficult and the motorcycle makes its 200-plus kilogram weight felt, my predicament compounded by the overly rear set foot pegs. Moreover, the heat from the twin cylinder air-cooled engine make matters even more uncomfortable in the muggy heat of the city.

Once the traffic starts moving however, the Thruxton settles in comfortably and has easy manoeuvrability slicing through traffic within the city streets. Out of stop lights, acceleration is brisk and impressive, and is complemented by the sweet sound of the engine whine. The five gears slot easily, and finding neutral is effortless, although the first cog is clunky while setting off from standstill.

Triumph Thruxton Review

The Thruxton’s design is based on street racers, but compared to contemporary street bikes, this is no record breaker. If adrenalin-pumping acceleration and high speeds is what one needs, it would be unfair to expect track side bragging figures from this Triumph. The Thruxton’s engine is the same motor as the Bonneville’s – a 865cc parallel twin which makes a healthy 69PS with 69Nm torque at its peak, with plenty available at low revs. Indeed, fifth gear is good enough to potter around town at 50kmph, and it can take you to 180kmph if more speed is desired.

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